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In early 2005, ABC announced a U. H. version of Wife Change, to be known as Trading Parents, having outbid Fox Network for the rights pertaining to the format in the U. S.[2] In June, a similar year Sibel publicized a program with a nearly identical format to Better half Swap permitted Trading Spouses, which it began transmitting on This summer 1,[3] DASAR then reverted to the original UK subject for their series, which began on Sept. 2010 26. In December 2005, RDF Multimedia sued Fox for copyright infringement for reproducing the Wife Exchange format with out their agreement.[4] In 2008, FOX marketed the privileges to the present to CMT, ending the run.[5] Homosexual swap

In November june 2006, Jeffrey Bedford, a player in the American series, sued ABC network for trading his partner for a homosexual man. He accused DASAR of being fraudulent, not enabling him connection with his wife, and producing him miss his lessons at school. He claims that, when he stopped participating with the production from the episode, HURUF threatened it would not let him know his wife's whereabouts and would not pay for his wife's return residence. He is suing for over $12 million, even though a someone revealed that the contract mentioned the other half could be of either sexuality.[6] In 3 years ago, the UK version began a search for more homosexual or lesbian swaps.[7] Alicia Guastaferro / Scott Kleveno

In Drive 2010, teenager beauty princess or queen Alicia Guastaferro sued DASAR for $100 million, claiming that public embarrassment about her characterization as a " spoiled brat" on Wife Swap triggered panic attacks and suicidal tendencies.[8] The case was settled out of court docket. The Guastaferro family has experienced many other run-ins with the regulation, including the parents being charged with money laundering and tax evasion.[9] Ralph Guastaferro was sentenced to 2 years in prison for laundering $1. 2 million for a Canadian telemarketing system through two business examining accounts he opened. Karen was given three years of devoir...


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