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Who Killed the Electric Car?

The movie " Who Murdered the Electric powered Car” is based on the electric powered cars designed, developed, and manufactured by General motors, sometime later it was destroyed by the same company. I was astonished to see what sort of company can destroy the technology that is certainly economical, futuristic, beneficial and pollution free. This documentary movie likewise deals with good electric car in the automobile industries. This movie try to showcase the advantages, disadvantages with the electric technology, and try to determine who might be the in charge of the demise of the electric powered car. This movie concentrates its tale EV1: electric powered cars developed and ruined by Basic Motors. The merit intended for using the car is usually they are energy-efficient. They are environmental friendly as well as the biggest profit is that it reduces energy dependency. Electric car uses the technologies that stabilizes the human presented climate modify effect and keep the living standard of humans. The first percentage of the movie describes about the introduction of the electric power cars through the industrial grow older. The second percentage of the movie features interview with drivers of EV1, technicians, the then political advisors, writers and experts of electrical car technology. The third section focuses on the suspects who had been eligible for the destruction of such progressive development which could make an enormous difference inside the human existence and its environment. Even though electrical cars are supposed to be a very good player inside the automobiles market, these vehicles were underdetermined by battery packs on which they run. Is it doesn't common explanation that General motors stated for the destruction of EV1. Even so; according to General Engines, the main reason that destroyed almost all leased EV1 cars is due to US buyers. According to them, they were doing not get demand for more electrical cars from your people of California. This is the reason they will stated towards the federal...


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