п»їDuring Shiriki Kumanyika's presentation regarding the global unhealthy weight epidemic significance for the shape of public well-being to come, I learned a lot of valuable info. What I learned will impact the way I think about overweight now. Weight problems is not just an issue related to the relative risk of health problems such as diabetes, insulin resistance, or hypertension. It is an epidemic difficulty that is a gun for societal and structural change. I now have an improved and broader view of obesity being an epidemic problem not just in developed countries, but in expanding countries too.

Something Kumanyika discussed was the great feedback circuit. She explained that since individuals and society, we could locked within a positive opinions cycle. This positive opinions cycle contains categories just like energy harmony, food consumption and production, specific psychology and activity, biology, activity environment, and social influences. Because Kumanyika confirmed a diagram of ongoing spaghetti loops of a repetitious cycle, the lady mentioned that only very little part of these types or groupings are getting regulated and controlled. Even more overly, area of the public health domain name, we do not control most of the additional relevant domain names to be able to battle the pandemic of overweight.

I agree with Kumanyika's thoughts about the need for societal and strength change along with the help of additional domains to help successfully overcome obesity. Excellent clearer understanding about the other relevant domains that contributes to the causes of obesity. And as health care specialists, there is indeed very little we can do regarding because were not the most important domain that affects overweight at its core. With all the overweight prevention and control efforts as healthcare professionals offer, it has proven that that alone is usually not successful. We need to come together to help addresses the societal and strength problems which will lead to a better outcome together with the current prevention and control efforts...


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