Freedom… Wrath… Happiness… Skepticism… Sadness…

These were simply some of the things I believed when I observed the Jose Rizal film. Every conversation, every field, every effect in the movie was a impetus to keep. It absolutely was breath taking. Finding history display before my own eyes was simply so impressive. Gradually, my own blinded sight were opened up.

The movie describes the life account of Dr . Jose Rizal, the national hero from the Philippines. A three-hour legendary on the lifestyle and problems of his poet and patriotism. It covers his life from his childhood to his execution as a result of the The spanish language forces living in the Korea in the late 19th century. We could also chucked into the world of Rizal's books so we could have a glimpse showing how he looked at the Filipino society within the Spanish regime. Revealing the sorrow of the society.

The features that built our leading man great and this has usually left me amazed was likewise clearly demonstrated. His accomplishments since his childhood: he was an artisan, a man expertise and question, a linguist, a guy, a grasp in every projects, not to mention his hundreds of successes and job, with a miraculous of how he had attained all of this in his brief life span. Although most of all having been a good close friend, son and a wonderful lover.

Furthermore, the film made regarded the line of attack did by our heroes and countrymen to achieve the freedom of our country beneath the rule of the Spaniards friar and military force. This introduced all of us to the existence of subjugation of the Philippine people that is certainly the reason of the rebellions. Possibly in school, was felt by Rizal and other Philippine students. Quite a few suffered and the most of them had been viewed as the servants from the Spaniards.

Rizal utilized pen because his tool rather than the blade in preventing against the Spaniard administration, he had written this in works of fiction and beautifully constructed wording. The most famous of his articles are the " Noli Me Tanghere and El...


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