Strategy Paper

We. Introduction

2. Problem Declaration

III. Hypothesis

IV. Summarize

V. Constraints & Scope

VI. Technique

VII. Review of Literature


The Public Transfer plays a vital role in the system of any kind of country. It provides the most crucial setting of travel to the public. The low profits or even the middle-income group people rely seriously on the community transport for their travel requirements. It is a important link between the different parts of a state. Pakistan was blessed which has a vast network of Train at the time of independence. More than 800 kilometers of rail tracks, more than 800 railway channels connected practically all parts of the country, even the remotest areas of Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Railways with its significant network and growing inhabitants of the Region had a large potential of expansion. It had the opportunity to end up being the leading method of travel and becoming the commercially viable firm of the nation.

The things in some way deteriorated after 1974. The entire year was the previous time if the Railways posted a profit. The gap between its costs and profits started growing and has now stretched to Rupees 15 Billion annually.

We have a sliver lining for the Railways as it still owns the ability to convert provided things are put in purchase. II. Problem Statement

The train in Pakistan is an empire inside itself. It has a massive system, extensive features for carriage building, and other accessories. That possesses valuable assets in form of important lands, which can be being exhausted by not authorized occupants speedily. The commercial ventures, that may boost its earnings, are not being employed properly. Mismanagement, corruption, and lack of correct plan and policies possess turned that to a major liability intended for the state.

The population of the...


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