п»їSurviving Famine: The Kantian Dilemma

Say your family and you are struggling to meet your basic needs including food within a harsh starvation. Your standard instinct should be to acquire food by any means important. One way you have access to food through stealing it from your neighbour. In this composition I will examine whether this matter is morally right. Let me argue that by utilizing Kant's Result in itself theory, stealing foodstuff from your neighbour in time of famine is morally wrong.

Kant's end in itself theory is explained by him, " Work in such a way that you always treat humanity, whether in your person or perhaps in the person of any other, never basically as a means nevertheless always simultaneously as an end. ” This explains that if we make use of another person, if directly or indirectly, in actions all of us make that individuals not just use them to acquire what we wish in the end, each of our maxim, yet also in way that also rewards their personal ends, or perhaps goals, likewise.

One more thing to look at is the person's intentions for their actions and if they have a much better chance of producing greater pleasure for everyone involved and not just glance at the amount of happiness or perhaps misery that has a chance being produced from such actions. When dealing with the situation of taking food from ones neighbour they need to think about the joy or agony that would be manufactured from both robbing the food rather than stealing it and from there determine which in turn action is the best. Looking at the first action, stealing the meals, we can declare the food could benefit the thief's family in the way they can survive much longer. The neighbour however would be hurt at this time action mainly because that foodstuff could have been used to feed all their family. In case the neighbor on the other hand chose to certainly not steal the meals the opposite might occur. The neighbor will benefit mainly because they would have an overabundance food on their own and thus become healthier. Anybody who decided to go with not to rob food would suffer so would all their family since they have not eat and could...


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