Lifespan Reflection: The Curious Case of Benjamin Switch

Terri Griffith

The Chi town School of Professional Psychology

The Curious Case of Benjamin Switch depicts the life of a man who essentially ages in reverse. This weird phenomenon was represented by aging process of your " elderly-looking” infant who also gradually increases into an " infant-looking” elderly. The film explains to the story of Benjamin through the life experiences and changes that this individual goes though. The following reflection will evaluate some physical, psychological, romantic relationship, intelligence, and social issues related to Benjamin's aging process.

As the storyline begins, Dernier-ne was born while using physicality of an 80-year-old person, however his mentality is that of an toddler. He was initially physically small , yet appeared old and as he age groups through toddlerhood, began to look more like the " elderly” portrayal of his external appearance. He previously wrinkles, he used a cane, was hunch-back, his voice was raspy, he needed the help of glasses, and physically experienced all the common themes of older adulthood. As he older, however these physical attributes began to lessen and his appearance began to slowly but surely change into regarding a young looking man to a young man to a kid to an baby. At the maximum of this process, he had almost certainly met a middle floor where he bodily looked like a mature man, and chronologically was the age of a mature man. We image this " midsection age” getting when his appearance was probably best to his actual grow older, around 3 decades old; so that as that middle age progressed, there was yet again a dissonance between the method he viewed and the age he truly as.

From a psychological point of view, there needed to be a plethora of activities, which were might be not even clearly revealed in the film, which in turn had an effect on Benjamin's mind. First, contact form birth Dernier-ne was consumed by a female who happened to run a breastfeeding home, and though he was a child,...


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