I translate " Understanding yourself" while self-awareness or perhaps in other words an individual's knowledge about his good and bad sides. If a person knows about his personality traits and is also aware of his good and bad habits I would declare he is aware himself very well. Knowing your self also means the importance in a society. In the long run, Oedipus acquired more know-how about himself because compare to Achilles. Although they talk about some prevalent characteristics, they have many distinguishable differences. Equally were hyper and arrogant. Achilles considered himself especially his other men nevertheless Oedipus deemed himself Goodness or at least best to Gods. In the end Oedipus came to understand that he was just a human being like everyone else. If we talk about Achilles, he realized that the decisions he made previously were incorrect. He noticed this mainly because it was in its final stages. He realized that things could have been better if perhaps he would possess acted properly. Oedipus constantly blindly reliable his destiny so did Achilles. The only difference is that Oedipus always tried to back off from his fate nevertheless Achilles experienced it bravely. Oedipus in the end realized that even though it was his fate to kill his parents this individual still may well be a better person and could include prayed to Gods in hopes that his fate would not come true. As a result of his world of one he would not beg Gods to change his fate; therefore his destiny actually came true. Achilles on the other hand was also persistent and conceited. He understood what his fate was but never became preoccupied by it, just how Oedipus was. Achilles fortune was both to die early with honor in order to have a lengthy but unhappy life. Therefore he chose honor. He used to hope to Gods but this individual did not depend on them completely. He never totally relied on his fate unlike Oedipus. He was not really regretting of selecting honorable life since he would be remembered even following his fatality. They equally realized that all their stubbornness experienced destroyed various lives. Achilles reminds me of just one of those obstinate kids, no matter how many times you tell them a...


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