To start with, my meaning of the " cone effect" is this: a theory through which all media content is high then delivered through a publication or transmit that carries advertisements to many of these with different awareness leading to a " recognized media reality" which is included into everyday activities. I believe therefore we are mass media, media is us, and we are one. If we could all have a look at our lives our company is just a jumble of representations. In my opinion, from the moment we are given birth to to the time that we die we are multimedia. We are given birth to a certain sexual intercourse boy or girl. That represents something. Boys have on blue ladies wear pink. This is a symbol of to everybody what we will be. We how to start we are kids or young ladies until someone tells us. We now have set and defined objectives for existence, as well as ways that we must work. From that day time forward we all learn each of our media from your lives, each of our families, close friends, and virtually everything we come in contact with. Every thing we carry out and everything we see leaves some trace of an impression on all of us and represents a thing to each people. That's why I feel that media is us. Mass media is everything. Were just illustrations.

That makes me personally very frustrated to believe seriously concerning this. It makes me question everything that I've had to believe as a member of society. This makes myself question countless things around me. It made me think about lifestyle in general. Precisely what is reality? Truthfully, I how to start if there is ways to answer this kind of question for everyone but I do think we all need to examine our lives in general plus the everyday lives that we reside in and issue them. Every thing we carry out or declare has a rendering so once again, that is press. It is all around us. It is almost everywhere. Most locations we no longer even know that it is going on.

In my inspection of my life and the mass media that surrounds me I have found media to become almost everywhere. It really is everywhere. Almost anything I have and use offers labels on it from clothes to food. Some things actually...


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