Windscreen Survey Representation

Khalilah Hill-Best

Wirklich 405

Oct 21, 2013

Susan Maxwell

Windshield Review Reflection

In a community there are many issues that come up for people of the community, and the community health doctor needs to be capable to provide care in any environment. Based on the setting rns can utilize various types of information to realize the appropriate breastfeeding diagnosis. This reflection can discuss the community detailed in the Wind Defend Survey and community nursing jobs diagnosis which might be appropriate for the community based on the nursing analysis. The focus will be on community health that is certainly defined as figuring out and getting together with a communautaire need in the neighborhood, that differs from the encircling communities(Stanhope& Lancaster, 2012) Based on the WHO community is a sociable group based on geographic (Creekmur, 2013) one other. It features within a particular social structure and exhibits and makes norms, ideals and interpersonal institutions (World Health Firm [WHO], 1974, p. 7; Stanhope& Lancaster, 2012). In the community of Prince Georges County, you will find 6, 073. 6 people per sq mile. In the city of Suitland/Camp Spring suspensions there are 25, 000 persons. 91. 9 % are African-American, 12-15. 7% Asian, and dua puluh enam. 5% happen to be Caucasian, and 4. some % happen to be Asian ( nonwhite ). The mean income intended for households can be 54, 1000 annually. In 20ll there were 329, 794 housing devices. This total comprises sole family homes, and apartment complexes. Possessing in the region is about 64% as compared to around counties, and multi-unit dwellings comprised regarding 32. 5 % of housing in the county. Mass transit is usually provided by Community, a federal government subsidized mass transit system that works 24 hours a day and folks in the community also have personal vehicles.

The current cover PG Region is to implement a health partnership with all the Department of Health to get PG County to reduce the rates of Diabetes, Toddler Mortality, Heart problems,...

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