Usage policy

Our has been offering support to college students assisting them with their academic learning since 2004. The work we do is aimed to help you improve your grades and exam results when applied in accordance with the policy.

Our fair usage policy defines how the services we offer should be applied and guides you through how to benefit the most out of our model answers.

It may be alluring to just send any of our model papers as your own, but it's not the policy of our site for our clients to use the work in this way. In order to get the most from any of the model answers we have you should apply it as a basis for subsequent research and craft your own paper that is 100% authentic.

It will be damaging to you if we tolerate plagiarism of our model answers as it may make it difficult for you to obtain the knowledge necessary to pass the examinations.


Some of the examples of plagiarism include:
  1. Submitting someone else's ideas or words as your own
  2. Failure to cite a source properly
  3. Paraphrasing a source but keeping the original terms that it includes
  4. Copy/pasting large sections of someone else's work
  5. Providing wrong information about the source of a quote

The right way to use a model answer offers students assistance on how to cope with a certain question. The approach we offered to a certain question is not the only one and you can come up with a completely different opinion on the issue, however the model answer provides you with a solid beginning point for you to do your own study and create your own work.

The right way of using our model answers is as it follows:
  1. Reread every section or a paragraph in our model answer and make notes
  2. Read the whole model answer in order to understand the way your research answered the question
  3. Attempt to come up with your arguments and ideas using the notes you made
  4. Use the sources to conduct further research by finding more appropriate materials
  5. Read through the materials you find and make additional notes on the content you want to insert in your paper
  6. Use our model answer as the guide to create your own paper
  7. Make sure your final paper is 100% unique and based on your own thoughts and point of view
  8. Using our model answer, you will learn more about the topic and prepare better for your exams

Can you submit a model answer as your own work?

No, you can't. It is plagiarism submitting the work of other researcher as your own paper. Even if you make some changes to the work done by our researcher, it is still considered plagiarism because the work you need to submit should be your own completely. If you use our site according to this fair usage policy, you will greatly benefit from the services we provide. You will learn the best way to write a professional academic work, improve your grades, and feel better for doing a good job.