Complaints policy

At we appreciate any feedback that you feel like sharing regarding our services whether it is positive or negative. Positive feedback is used to promote our services, while negative feedback is applied to make sure that problems are dealt with and do not happen in the future.

This page is about our complaints policy that describes the procedure of making comments and complaints, as well as your rights. Our main goal is to make sure that you are fully satisfied with the final product and the services we provide.


If you want to make a complaint in regards with the quality of the work you have received, you should contact our managing director describing your problem that made you want to complain providing as much detail as possible.

You are required to send your complaints within seven business days after the work being delivered to you. If you have sent your complaint after the seven-day period has expired, your complaint will be subjected to arbitrary remedies for which you may get an extra charge that will be discussed prior sanctioning the amendments.

Expected time of a response

We strive to respond to all the complaints the same working day they were submitted. If you have submitted your complaint after business hours, you will get a reply the next working day.

If your complaint requires investigation, we will let you know about it via telephone or email telling you that we have received your complaint, an investigation is underway, and we will notify you about an approximate time, which it will take to complete the investigation and make amendments if required.

If you did not get an answer to your complaint within that timeframes mentioned above please give us a call or contact us via live chat.


Once we receive your complaint we will identify the product and investigate the matter. If we decide that your complaint is justified and meets the requirements that you placed in the order form you submitted, we will make corrections to the product without any extra cost.

If we decide that your complaint is not justified in regards to the order that you submitted, we will notify you about the reasons as to why we have decided this way. In such a situation, we may give you the opportunity to have the product changed for an additional fee if we have available resources and relevant stuff.

Service complaint

If you want to make a complaint in regards with the service you received, please contact the appropriate management director describing the problem in detail.

Complaints made about services are usually replied the same working day. If you have not received your reply please contact our support team because your complaint may not have been delivered due to technical reasons.

We will make sure that your complaint is sent to the correct department. You will be assigned a contact, usually a department manager, who will deal with your complaint. Your complaint will be investigated and you may be contacted for further information. The department manager will keep you informed of any action taken to resolve your complaint. We will make sure that you are satisfied with the results and use our services in future.

Legal action

You have the right to take your case to the court if you feel that our company has not been fair to you. However, before considering any legal actions, we strongly ask you to contact us with your complaints.

Going to court should be your very last resort. Legal action is always time consuming and expensive. Therefore, if you have any complaints please do let us know via email explaining the details of your order and why you think you have not been treated fairly.

If you're not satisfied with the reply you get, please write to us. We will make sure to give you a personal call or reply. If you still feel that your complaint has not been resolved in a satisfactory manner consider how it can be solved. Propose a resolution that would be fair for both parties.

Legal rights

In a contract, we specify the terms and conditions, under which we provide our services. You can familiarize yourself with the contract in our Terms and Conditions section.

Under this contract you have many legal rights that include:
  1. Getting your order on time
  2. Receiving the order that meets your recommendations and is plagiarism free
  3. Receiving paper that meets quality standards